Issue with some parameter

Hi all

I purchased an ARF kit from China,

I have downloaded the Missionplaner software and configuret the APM2.6 controller, also the Radiolink AT9 is configered and shows on the screen a symbol for a dhrone.

The issue is when the dhrone is to take off it tilts on the left, babord side.
I suppose some parameter is wrog but wich ??


Are you certain your motors are wired correctly? Miswired motors is probably the most common cause of flips during takeoff. Refer to the motor order diagrams and make sure your wiring is correct.

Have you completed the mandatory hardware configuration? In particular the accelerometer and ESC calibration.

Hi Lars.

I have checked the motor wiring order and it was OK. I have also made the hardware calibration with any succes. I can se on the Mission Planer that I get correct values from the compass and GPS. When I till the drone head upp shows the Mission Planner head upp.
What should I check next.

Regards //YB