Issue with Servo Movement using X8R and Pixhawk for VTOL

embarked on the VTOL journey with Y3 setup.

using a Frsky X8R with SBUS connected to the Pixhawk RC IN

the Ardupilot Radio Calibration screen in Mission Planner does show the radio respond to channel 5 (Radio5)

but when Servo5 is given the “41” and then saved… the switch (SA) assigned to Channel 5 on the Taranis X9D transmitter makes no difference.

when i goto the Servo Output option in Mission planner and click on the “Reverse” box the servo makes a move… checking and unchecking it is moving the servo.

why can i not use the Channel 5 (Switch SA) to do the same??

41 is Tilt motors Front.
Do you mean 55 (RcIn5) ?

I want to Tilt the front 2 motors in 0-90 degrees and vice versa using channel 5 from the radio.

The tilt servos are controlled automatically by switching between QStabilize and FBWA. On the ground (without propeller) and not in the air, switch between QStabilize and Manual to adjust the servo end positions.

If you want to use channel 5 of the radio to switch the flight modes, you have to change FLTMODE_CH from 8 to 5.

Regards Rolf

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thank you Rolf!

appreciate your time to reply… :slight_smile: