Issue when upgrading from 2.9 to 3.0.1


I’m kindly new in RC and multirotors and I’m trying to update my HK APM 2.9 to 3.0.1, I’m using lastest Mission Planner version, I can connect sucessfully to the APM and calibrate it.

My problem is when I tryed to update the firmware , the process read the hex file , stop around 90% and a message pop up : “Communication error - no connection”

I spend 2 hours with a “rc veteran” to find out what’s happened , we reinstalled an old MP version , change drivers , disable all COM ports like BT controllers ect… put it on USB2 port and we are unable to upgrade this APM.

As I read on some DYIdrone blog some had this issue and I need help to resolve this.

Thanks a lot.

Any help ? Hint ? clue ? Please…

Well it’s not a 3DR board so perhaps the folks at HK on their forums have an answer.

Is it a bare board I would go right back to the start with it.

Try to upload different version (firmware), I mean different release. (rc2, rc3, …rc5).
Or try do download first the hex file in your computer from GIT (not directly to APM board) , then after download, try to load that firmware directly from you hard drive.
Before doing any firmware update, PLEASE go in CLI mode and to a Reset and Erase or your APM. Then try a new load.