Is this right for me?


I found the PIXHAWK / ArduCopter and also found this board. Hopefully you can help me to decide if this is right for me.

I have a Raptor 50 “Copy”, nitro helicopter and i’m looking for some kind of help/autopilot system like HeliComand och CO Pilot 2, etc. Is Pixhawk something that will work the same way?
I also use Spectrum DX8.

Thank you for your help.

In reply to my self.

After reading all over internet and many different forums i have found out that the vibration is a huge problem with this type of system and specially together with nitro/gas.
Maybe there can be a solution with using “Zeal Gel Tape” to absorb the vibrations?

It’s definitely possible to use it on a nitro/gas heli, but the vibrations are an issue. It really requires a very good damping system, and I’m not sure if Zeal would be enough.

Tank you Rob. Do you knowe any who had this to work? And in that case how did they solved the vibration problems?
I’m interested to make this work.


I have got it working on a large gas heli, and Ferruccio Vicari has as well: … er-project