Is there a way to set switch selectable modes UWB only/GPS off, and GPS on?

I know how to enable or disable GPS and load the settings but for my purposes I’d like to be able to create a mode that will use Auto without it using UWB beacons, but still be able to switch to a mode with GPS so I don’t have major issues if something goes wrong and can still bring the drone home.

To give more detail, I’m using a pixhawk 4, Ardupilot 4, an an S500 drone. The UWB system is Pozyx, and I’m working on a research project using it.

So since this system will eventually have to run with no GPS I would like to test in that mode. But if it goes out of range, since the software is in development, it could fly away pretty far. I want to be able to switch modes on my remote (just as you do for pos-hold, auto, and stabilize) and have GPS in the other modes.

So far I only know how to disable or enable GPS in settings, but setting GPS_TYPE to 0, and ARMING_CHECK to remove the arm check for GPS. But that means I can’t switch back to a mode that uses it on the fly.

Any ideas on how to do this?


Have you seen: and ?

No I hadn’t seem the second one. It looks like it probably covers what I need. Thank you.