Is there a way to get unlimited takeoff throttle slew rate?

Today I performed my third auto takeoff with catapult launcher. First time in calm weather, no “free” airspeed.
Did not end well - unsufficient airspeed ended with a low level stall and upside down crash. Severe damage.
After analysis (flash log) revealed that the throttle ramp up time was about 1 second. I have reason to believe that this unneccesary slow slewrate contributed to the incident. When I reviewed the TKOFF_THR_SLEW parameter I see it was 100. So I got exactly the slew rate I should have expected.

The upper limit of this parameter is 127 (0,79 second to full throttle) according wiki.
But I would like the option to have the takeoff throttle go 100% in an instant. Can this presently be done?

If not, I suggest it made be possible in future firmware release.
The ESC has its own power slew setting, so it does not added slew protection. … F_THR_SLEW

Hmm I have 100 too and I handlaunch the plane. As I push Auto, Motor turns on to max imediatly. I dont feel any slew
Have you saw it in telemetry? Tell me the Parameters then I can check it too.