Is there a range finding solution that works in Auto mode?

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to stabilize altitude on my quad on auto mode, and I thought of getting a range finder / sonar / something similar.

I saw on This page that:

Currently Lidar is not supported in Auto Mode

Which kinda spoils my plans.

Is there a range finding solution that currently works / in 3.4? Is it reliable?


Hi nitay,

I’m busy working on integrating the LightWare rangefinders into arducopter. You’re right that Auto Mode lacks support, I’ll be looking into this over the next few weeks.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your reply!
If I understand correctly LightWare isn’t supported on 3.3?
Do you maybe have an estimation on when will the code be merged into ArduCopter?


Various LightWare devices already have support in the current 3.3.3 release of ArduCopter. Most devices will work with the serial interface, and all of them support the analog interface.

I2C support is only available on the development version of ArduCopter.

Unfortunately rangefinders in ArduCopter don’t work in auto-mode. I am currently researching this and don’t have an exact time-frame of when we will have an implementation. I’ll probably have more info next week.

Sounds good!

Thanks for the info