Is there a Follow Mode in Tower for Ardurover?


Is there a Follow Mode in Tower for the Ardurover? The rover is running everything else fine but I’d like it follow the GPS position of my phone when moving around. Thanks in advance!


Follow mode is really just guided mode so yes it should work.

Thanks for the reply Tim_D. I’m currently using APM 2.X with ArduRover FW v2.5.1 beta. I can use Tower in Guided Mode and point to a location on my phone to drive the rover to that location. But as soon as it reaches the location it goes back into HOLD mode. I can’t seems to enable Guided Mode and have it follow my phone’s GPS in real-time. Is this due to the FW version I’m running? Will upgrading to a Pixhawk with the newer ArduRover FW fix this issue?