Is the value of IMU beyond the range of 16G?

From the source code we can know the values of Clip0, Clip1 and Clip2 which increase each time one of the accelerometers reaches it’s maximum limit , Ideally these should be zero for the whole flight but low numbers (<100) are likely ok especially if they occur during hard landings.But the values of ACC of IMU0,IMu1,IMU2 does not record data that is out of range, or a value close to the range.It is a problem of sampling rate?Isn’t this a bit contradictory?The following two tables, one is the triaxial acceleration of the IMU in this flight, and the other is the value of clip0.

Self-answering series.First, the over-range phenomenon is caused by high-frequency vibration. There is a filter in the INS, you can change it in the ACCEL_FILTER in the MP. Each IMU instance will enable this filter. When I bypass this filter (not recommended!), I read a value greater than 15.5G.

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