Is the SPRacing H7 RF autopilot supported / expected to work?

I see the firmware repo has a target for SPRacing H7. Does anyone know if the recent SPRacing H7 RF flight controller is supposed to work with this copter firmware?

The product page states that "The SPRacingH7RF will be able to run other flight-control firmware, such as Cleanflight, PX4, iNAV, FlightOne/FalcoX, Ardupilot when the developers add support for all the new features, such as H730 cpu support, PixelOSD, Direct ExpressLRS.

Developers needing technical assistance can contact SP Racing via the contact-us form on the shop."

I see the SP H7 is supported I would imagine that the only difference is the H7RF has a onboard ELRS and would possibly have a baked in RC config for it unlike the older H7 which did not have elrs. I have a few of these boards coming if we have not received an answer I will test one.

That and the “H730” cpu, if that’s any different from what is supported today… is it?