Is setting Home Origin by Arming Switch possible?

Is it somehow possible to set “EKF Origin Here” and set “Home Here” by pressing the Arming Switch when using Flow and Rangefinder sensors instead of GPS (EK2_GPS_TYPE=3)?
I know how to do it in MP but having computer next to me in the field is not always practical.

It’s not possible… but there is an item on the to-do list for Rover to add params to allow setting a default. . That solution would work for any vehicle I think.

Another alternative would be to allow a lua script to set the EKF origin. I’ve raised a new issue for this here:

Adding scripting support is actually easier.

Thank you Randy.
Saves me time to search for something that is yet to be implemented.
Last time the sun blinded the screen so much that I could no see what I was doing in MP and had to call it quits.