Is recalibration required when updating firmware???

Hi Guys:
ArduPilot Newbie here.

I’m rebuilding my Diatone Tyrant Quadcopter and in the middle of ‘Mandatory Hardware’ setup. I successfully completed Accelerometer and Compass calibrations, but just updated firmware from ‘4.0.5 Matek H743’ to ‘4.0.6 Matek H743’. Will I have to recalibrate the two sensors? Will recalibration be required for all future firmware updates? Any way to confirm calibration has been completed?

Apologies if this has been recently discussed on the forum. I was unable to find any relevant posts newer than five years old.

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No, calibrations remain in place and any existing parameters that need converting are converted automatically.

No need to recalibrate when updating. Downgrading is a bit more complicated. But… you should never downgrade, so that is fine :slight_smile:

Thanks, Shawn… much appreciated! :beers:

Thanks amilcarlucas, I sure appreciate the help! :beers: