Is NXP battery management board supported?

Is NXP supported or it will be?



If it’s using uavcan v0.9 it should just work, but would be best to ask @dk7xe.g who should be able to test.

We ordered a couple just to take a closer look. They are promising. Hope are supported.


All the (example) source code is public and the adaptations to work with ArduPilot could be implemented by the ArduPilot community. A draft of a UAVCAN V1 0.1 battery status message has been implemented in this example source code, but this can easily be modified to support the UAVCAN version/messages of your liking.
We continue to include additional functionality in repo updates, including but not limited to a newer UAVCAN message version, OLED support and a SMBus I2C slave interface.

NXP provides reference designs only, all the hardware and software source is available for any individual or company to fabricate on their own. This hardware design and layout has passed FCC certifications.

Here is the link to the source code:
Here is a link to the GitBook:

Hopefully this information will help you.

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So i guess it is not supported at the moment.



You should test it ardupilot 4.1.0-dev add more UAVCAN support. Maybe it will work.

@Corrado_Steri uavcan v1 isn’t supported.
Noting the infancy of v1, and in particular the drone message set, to me it would make sense for NXP to add v0.9 support - that’s where the bigger market is. But that’s up to them.

Understand, hopefully they will add 0.9. It is a nice board, would be great to use it.



Hi everyone,
how come if we use AP periph with BMS772 to get rid of CAN Protocol versions problems