Is my Iris Transmitter broken?


I have finally got round to putting some batteries into my Iris Transmitter for the first time, however nothing happens when I put fresh batteries in and flick the On Switch.

I have tried the supplied AA batteries and freshly charged re-chargeable AA batteries but nothing happens when I flick the On Switch.

And, yes I have plugged in the white connector between the battery pack and the Transmitter. :slight_smile:

Sounds like something is wrong, yes. Are you sure the batteries are in properly? Check to make sure the battery cable isn’t crimped or broken? Check the pins in the plug, and it is seated properly into the transmitter port?

You should see the LCD display light up and begin showing things when it’s on. If it’s not, better contact 3DR directly and get a replacement.

Are the 8 batteries new?
Yo may also want to check the connector for the RC Controller.
Black wire should be all the way to the left, red wire should be the middle one.