Is make/compile different from copter 3.3?


I make/compile Copter 3.3 no problem, but I get an error when I make/compile Copter 3.4 (something to do with Gawk)

Any clues ? What is the difference between the two makes ?

Copter 3.3 was released about a year ago. Many things changed since then, including the build system (make is only supported now for boards used with NuttX: Pixhawk, Pixracer, VRBrain).

Regarding gawk, I think you need to have it installed.

thank you francisco,
when I wrote “make” I meant “compile”. So I compile 100% no problem for Pixhawk Copter 3.3 , but copter 3.4 give me compile error like gawk requirement. Please francisco help me do it your way $, my phone is *** *** ****, unless it is really just about the gawk thing…

I have edited your post to hide your phone number. You shouldn’t post those kind of details in an open forum. Also, this is a forum supported by volunteers, not a paid option, so I’m not calling you.

I have no idea what else you will need. If you an error with gawk, just install gawk and try to compile again.

If you haven’t seen the build docs:
Here are the 3.4/waf docs: