Is it possible to Takeoff - Go to Waypoint - LAND - Take-off and Return to Launch without manual intervention?


Hope you all are doing well. First time posting here. If this is not the correct way of posting please let me know. TIA.

So I am using arducopter 4.1 and it works amazing and does everything it is supposed to do no issues.
Flew various types types of AUTO missions with it. No problem whatsoever

I am kinda new to this field
I was wondering is it possible to plan a mission, so that the quad takes of, goes through a bunch of way point, than lands using the LAND command, than takes -off automatically and goes through some more wayopints and LANDs at some other location.

I tired a plan a mission using the following sequence of commands -

Takeoff - go through waypoints- Land - Takeoff - go through waypoints- Land.

But the after the first landing the drone disarmed itself (I think it’s due to the LAND command) and the mission stopped right there. I flew the quad back to me using GUIDED mode.

now I understand the craft did what it was supposed to since LAND mode disarms the quad. But is there a and way to continue the mission and complete the whole flight plan?cross_country.waypoints.txt (693 Bytes)

Of course this is possible: Advanced ArduPilot Mission Planning - continue after land - YouTube


Ayo, many thanks, will try this today.

This worked flawlessly, tested around 50 times now