Is it possible to put rc control via telemetry1 port?

Im now interested in this product.

But it seems that this is the datalink for telemetry data, not rc

I want to send rc signal of my herelink via fim2410.
(I want to fly further)

So I contacted manufacturer and they said it is possible to send rc signal but they said about it ambiguously.

In this picture, we can see the phrase -

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Connect fim-2410 S1 serial port with trainer interface on back side of futaba by ttl cable. And set the futaba rf as off. Though the s1 port uplink the ppm/sbus signal
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Except this, manual is not describing how to connect rc control.

As far i know, telemetry port is used for mission planning and mavlink control, and this is used in specific flight mode.

Is it possible to configure pixhawk to get rc signal from telemetry 1 port?

I don’t know if it will work with that product but RCIN is a serial port protocol (23):


Thank you for your reply

As you can see in the picture(this is from official page), this is connected to telem1 port.

But they are saying it is possible to connect futaba transmitter. How is it possible?! My question is this.