Is it possible to make a precision landing where the home point is changed?

Hello, I have a drone using pixhawk5x, and my drone can perform a precision landing using IR_LOCK and Lidar Lite v3.

I’m very happy with the performance of the precision landing at the moment, but I want something more.

When my drone is in RTL mode, it returns to the home position and tracks the IR beacon to perform a precision landing

The problem is that I want to bring the drone somewhere else than where I’m armed.

For example, I start a drone at point A and start a mission. And I call the drone next to me after moving to point B. But while the drone was coming back, my position changed to point C, and the drone will finally come to point C and land.

This is the scenario I want. Of course, at every point, drones and my laptop are connected by telemetry radio or data link communication. The USB GPS module also lets you send current location information to the drone.

Recently, I studied the basics of dronekit and mavsdk in Python languages for this.

And I can also have companion computers such as NVIDA JETSON or Raspberry Pi. (if necessary)

Can you give me information about trying to achieve what I want?

Please tell me how to start I beg you.

You can add a RALLY point on the fly using your GCS, that will cause the RTL to come to that rally point to land because it is closer to that point than it is from home. You can also use a options parameter to tell the GCS to explicitly not use home when doing RTL.