Is it possible to autonomously take off and fly to a certain altitude with PX4Flow indoor?

Hi, I am trying to fly my quad indoor with totally no GPS signal. So, I am using PX4Flow right now. I have installed TFmini Plus laser rangefinder and PX4Flow. I wonder if it is possible to let the quad take off and fly to a certain altitude then stay there. I do check a lot of discussions and documents, but I am getting confused with everything since so many discussions and some of them are conflicting with each other. Is there a document explaining the procedure? I also have a Raspberry Pi as the companion computer. I have configured the connection.

Thank you!

In the document, I found Loiter mode cannot be used indoor since it need GPS. However, I found one guy actually using Loiter mode for indoor case (even though not PX4Flow), the link is

Another thing is, about the configurations, such as EKF2, AHRS, I think some documents mentioned not to change these settings, but some discussions mentioned that they need to be configured differently. I am totally confused about the settings. Is there a document for these things? Thank you!

I believe most of the documents are for outdoor flight. For indoor flight, there are really very limited documentation. Basically, I am just trying around but not sure which one might be correct.

For indoor flight you probably should be using ArduCopter 4.1.0-dev and EKF3.
Search this forum and the wiki. They are the best source of information on the topic.

Great, I will try that. Thank you!