Is it possible post process logs without calibration of sensors?

I want to use Mateksys boards as just sensors recorder.
It will be mounted on devices on planes like Cessna 17x. I want to basically record roll, pitch, yaw from sensors and GPS track from uBlox NEO-M9N.
I’m just does not quite understand some basics about calibration of sensors needed to EKF work properly.
For using as main RC model controller calibration of compass and maybe other IMU sensors is critical. That I understand.
But I do not undertand if it is possible to “calibrate” angles calculations based on logs only. For example I will have some straight part of path where I can calculate yaw just from GPS track.

Can I reconstruct all angles using some existing libraries or maybe publicaly available equations?

I have to use only post processing because it is hard to rotate Cessna plane on ground and also wings are not in parallel with ground before plane take off.

I would like to hear any good suggestion to resolve my task.
I have not looked thought Ardupilot source code yet in deep. I have only experience into STM32 programming using FreeRTOS not ChibiOS yet.