Is Foxtechfpv a SCAM?

We ordered an MK15 10 days ago, before ordering we wrote an email to make sure they had it in stock and they confirmed they had it. We paied an extra 50 Eur for fast fedex delivery.
After 10 days they gave us a fake tracking number and don’t answer to email anymore.
I am sitting here wondering if i’ll ever see my radio…

UPDATE They got back in touch with us (maybe because of this post) and told us that they need to move goods from north china to south china than to HK and than ship overseas. So a “fast” shipment paied 50 Eur turns out to be a 2 weeks slow shipment. So if you order something and you really need it i think you should stay away from foxtechfpv. They, at least, should write it on the site at time of order that even if fast shipping option is chosen the goods will have to travel to HK by land and it’ll take at least 2 weeks.

14 days gone by, no news from foxtech and tracking still showing nothing.

Chat to joy @ Shes fairly helpful. Often they are just forwarding agents for equipment that is made at other factories. So the delays can be internally while then to and from locally. But yes, communication is not their strongest point.

My point is that it is useless to have the customer pay for express shipment and than it takes them 14 days to send the goods to the carrier. They should clearly say it on the site at time of order.

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