Is a Mamba MK4 F405 Mini Possible with These Other Parts?

Hi all,
I’m getting back into the hobby after being away for a few years and was inspired by this Nano Goblin build: My Favorite Micro FPV Wing - Nano Goblin - YouTube (the first 45 seconds of this video lists most of the components). Later in the video you can see a GPS module under the port wing.

I’m finding it difficult to get my hands on the Omnibus Nano F4 V6, and was wondering if the MAMBA MK4 F405 Mini would be a suitable replacement. It seems to be supported by Ardupilot, but since this is my first build with a flight controller, I was wondering if I’m reading this right.

It seems like I should be able to attach the following to the MAMBA MK4 F405 Mini:

Does that sound right/like it would all work? The Ardupilot docs mentions that if I want to use CRSF receivers, the receiver will need a dedicated UART connection?

I guess my big question is:
Can I use this controller, GPS, and RC receiver with Ardupilot? My reading thus far says probably… but I’d love a second opinion and any advice/warnings!

Yes, it’s supported.
Mamba F405

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