Is "1:RC pass thru" for gimbal roll functional?

I can control my gimbal tilt using input ch6 just fine… but, I want to also control roll but don’t want use 7 or 8 inputs for roll…

By changing parameter RC10 to “1:RC pass thru will the radio ch10 pwm signal pass thru the Pixhawk to aux 2 output rail to control camera roll?

MP 1.2.93
FW 3.1.1 rc2

ArduCopter only supports channels 1~8 for input. So I’m afraid you’ll need to use channels 6 ~ 8.

Thanks, Randy, follow-up question:

Is the limit of ch1-8 for input on AC going to persist in AC3.2 and beyond, or will 9-16 ever be possible with newer hardware, like the Pixhawk?