IRLOCK not working with hexacopter even after detecting the markone beacon

HI all i was flying 4.0.7 firmware on my hexa with irlock system for precision landing but in logs it acquiring the target but the drone is not showing any response accordingly.
i have tried both raw and ekf selection. Even changed PLND_ACC_P_NSE to 5, 0.5, 1 etc but all in vain.
I am attaching my log below for reference.


Kindly guide for the above problem @dkemxr @xfacta @ThomasSFL @rmackay9

My I2C wire length is approximately 70cm long, can that create problem?

I have tried prec loiter it is working but prec landing or during rtl it is not working. Kindly guide

Anybody who can help ?

Your pX/pY data is particularly noisy. I would check the mounting setup of the IR-LOCK Sensor.

Also, please send screenshots of your sensor params (click ‘gear’ icon in Piymon).