Iris with gimbal problem

I just installed the gimbal that came with my Iris and I can not get it to move up and down with switch 6. I plugged in the power cable, then there was a brown, read, and orange plug. It showed a photo using only the Orange and Brown so I plugged it in that way. I did not plug in the red single wire. Once I plug in the battery the gimbal comes to life. It seems to work correctly, except for the knob that should move it up and down.

Any help would be appreciated. I have been using mission planner, but would be happy to change if it would help?

Grandpa Jake

Today I opened up my Iris to check that the wires for the gimbal were connected correctly. Here is what I have and also some of the confusion. On the Pixhawk On pin one I have Brown over Orange Brown on - orange on +
on pin 2 I have red at the bottom on s ( this is the way it was sent from 3drobotics )

Don’t follow the instructions here: … RIS-V4.pdf it has you placing the Orange on Tilt T and the Brown on - and not using the Red

The solution for me was to place the Orange wire on the T of the gimbal and S of the pixhawk under number 1 and the brown on the lower right - of the gimbal and - on the pixhawk under number 1 then switch 6 started to work correctly This is the way it is shown on AMP Copter

hope this helps someone else

Why is this marked SOLVED?

I will soon be trying this out as well, and need to know if 3DR mounted our gimbal wires wrong…

I just updated my response to myself lol… yes the wires were placed incorrectly on my Iris. Follow what I just posted and you should be ok. Mine is working perfect now. Don’t connect the Red at all.

Let me know what you find