Iris+ Tx and Rx antenna query (Losing datalink badly)

HI all,
I have an iris + quadcopter, have decided to upgrade the antenna on the drone and the controls to Boscam 5.8ghz cloud spirit circular polarised units. Have noticed a big improvement in the FPV monitor, but this was easy as I know the screen is the receiver and the transmitter is on the drone. I am experiencing poor pick up with the telemetry, and when I connect my phone via the mini usb all I get after flying a few meters away is Data Connection is lost message. This is so bad and happens so quickly that it renders the Tower App useless and so I can’t trust any auto missions or the follow me function. The main reason I bought this drone was for the follow me function as I want to use it when mountain biking. I suspect I am getting the Rx and Tx antenna maybe the wrong way round, but have tried various combinations and it is not improving. Is the antenna that comes out of the iris+ (I guess it is the pixhawk antenna) an Rx or a Tx? What about the unit on the back of the main transmitter (not the transmitter itself, but the telemetry part that sits on the back), is this a Tx or an Rx? And finally, the antenna that connects into my phone for the Tower App, is this an Rx or a Tx? Finally, are the Rx and Tx units specifically designed for that particular purpose, or does an Rx work as a Tx and vice versa? I know these are probably stupid questions, but if ya don’t know, ya don’t know…
OR, am I experiencing other difficulties and the crap data link connection is down to something else?
Any thoughts would be much appreciated, as I want to use the Iris+ to it’s full potential.



Hi All,
Anyone share their thoughts on the above?


the telemetry antenna on the iris (the one on the shell) and the antenna on the 3dr usb radio module are RX/TX antenna, they perform equal in transmission and receiving. Its not like the boscam ones that have a dedicated antenna for fpv transmitter and one for the receiver.

To be sure check with Mission Planner on a PC that both the radio air module (the telemetry module on the iris) and the ground module (the one you use with your phone) are ok with the settings. Maybe one could have some wrong settings (maybe power output low) and so you have a poor link quality.

Try that, then reply