IRIS+ Transmitter Left pot stuck to down left

I am a total nOOb, been trying to follow instructions, but it appears that the Left pot on the tranmitter is stuck on bottom left (and hence IRIS+ will not arm from transmitter, but will arm from App on android). I tried using the calibration menu and the right pot moved fine and appeared to calibrate well, but the left pot will not move the little square out of the bottom left corner. Any ideas on what I can try? something weird I have one? or is the transmitter funky? thanks.

Sounds like you may need to center the sticks on the controller (TX) itself.

To do so, power up the TX and wait for it to get to it main screen after the 3DR logo.
Next, press and hold the " + " button which is located on the 4way pad at the bottom left of the TX.
This will take you into the Radio Set-up menu.
Now press the " - " button 5 times till you see Calibration in the top left of the screen.
Once there, follow the directions on the screen to calibrate the sticks.
When you have finished, exit out till you see the main home screen and verify via the screen that the sticks are in the correct position. Left stick centered and all the way down. Right stick centered in the middle.

Now try it with your IRIS+ (props off ) and verify that it arms and disarms correctly with the left stick.

Todd H

Todd, sorry if I wasn’t clear, I did try exactly that procedure and the small square in the calibration screen of related to the left pot of the TX would not move out of the bottom left corner no matter how much I wiggled the sticks. any other suggestions? Alistair

Is this the first time you have tried to use the TX? Or has it worked prior and now the stick does not respond?

Have you checked your trim settings to make sure the left stick trims are centered?


Either the stick is broken or the wires that connect it are loose. You would have to remove the back screws and take it apart to see what might be the issue here.
I would also think this is a warranty item and you should be contacting 3DR to have it repaired or replaced.


It looks like they will warranty the unit, although that is somewhat complicated as I will need the new unit sent to me in Bolivia which means I will incur customs fees. The trims are ok centred (and move as they should), so I think you are right, a lose wire or other problem on the inside is the likely problem. thanks for the help.

Fortunately a friend of mine who races RC cars was able to open the transmitter and fix a faulty cable connector and now the controller is working. However I now seem to have hit a bunch of other problems which I will post seperatly. Thanks for the help.