IRIS + tansmitter need to know what receiver to get for 2nd

I have an IRIS + transmitter and looking at getting a second receiver for a new Quad (DYI Quad). Can someone get me some information on what to get?



I am guessing it would be one of the 2 listed on the 3dr Iris parts page. See here:

The IRIS+ transmitter uses a FrSky DJT module so it should be compatible with the following FrSky receivers:

Non-telemetry receivers: V8R4-II, VD5M, V8R7-II, V8R7-SP, V8FR-II
Telemetry receivers: D4R-II, D6FR, D8R-II plus, D8R-XP

(There is a D4R-II in the IRIS+)

/Jens W.

That’d be this one: … i-receiver