Iris+ submerged underwater for 35 seconds, ESC board fried,

Newbie to the forum and quadcopters, hope you can help. Flying Iris+ around pool (~10th flight) when it took off sideways (not sure why), ‘tripped’ over the pool coping, hit the wall around the hot tub and fell into the water (‘3rd person’ video: Retrieved it and disconnected the battery within ~35 seconds but not before frying (at least) the 4 in 1 Electronic Speed Controller board. After drying it out, plugged in the battery and got the normal startup tones and lights, however smoke began to emit from the body almost immediately. After removal of the bottom body shell it was apparent that the big chip on the ESC board was fried. I am reasonably handy with a soldering iron so I contacted 3DR tech support to see if I could buy an ESC board. They told me that they ‘wouldn’t’ like me to take the risk of buying the $100+ ESC board because other boards may also be damaged. The ‘wouldn’t’ to me seemed a little soft so I believe I might be able to talk them into selling me the ESC board, but I wanted to check with you-all to get your collective opinion on whether replacing the ESC board is likely to restore my Iris+ to full operational capability.
So, should I take the bet that the ESC board replacement will fix everything or am I going down a rabbit hole here?


Do you have any codes or data on the chip? If there is you may be able to track a spare down and install it, if not try to re run the copter without the ESC, if you get a pulse width output from the wires to the ESC you know all is fine.

If you cannot find a spare just talk to them as im sure if a circuit is damaged there should be protection to stop a large current from flowing to it, if not thats an issue they should resolve.