IRIS+ Radio Range

Hi !
Someone can tell which is the maximum range in meters:

  • for the FS-TH9X controlling the IRIS
  • for the Mavlink on a tablet, controlling the IRIS

all with stock antennas…
and, someone has improved range changing antennas ?

Last: if I want to fly a mission in which I think I can lose all the 2 radio links, which settimgs do I have to modify, so the mission will not be interrupted ?

thank you !

Living dangerously!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Maybe I will never do it, but I will be happy to know I can do it !!!

Turning off the geofence would be a start :slight_smile:

Yes it was the first thing I have done, to be able to fly in my kitchen, without GPS fix… :open_mouth:

But come on… ranges anyone ??

Not sure about Iris per se but I saw a youtube of a guy flying a quad of some type with Futaba S-FHSS protocol TX/RX and according to the telemetry it maintained control out to ~5000 M.

Ok, back to this useless forum :wink: :wink: :wink: with official info from 3DR.

I sent an email and here is the answer:

[color=#0040BF]“The range between the RC and the Iris+ is around 1 kilometer and the range between the telemetry radios is 300 meters.
Those numbers are not 100% accurate since there are many factors that can affect the range.”[/color]


Hey Gino…I can attest to at least a 300 meter telemetry radio range for the Iris+ / FS-TH9X radio. I did my first FPV Flight from my local park a couple blocks back to my house. about 340 meters distance, flown @ approx 40 meters altitude, geofence previously set to 400 meters.

That seem the same range they told me. I have not still done any test, it’s raining here…

Meanwhile, I have found many internet sites, blog, forums, where people share test on different antennas to improve range. But I have still to understand which is the best way, without spending too much…


Would you be kind enough to post updates as you find new information on this topic? I am extremely interested as well WRT to range issues. Thanks!