Iris Plus firmware question

Can someone please tell me what firmware is supposed to be on the Iris plus. I put version 3.1.5 on there using Mission Planner and now its acting screwey.

IRIS + ships with a special version of 3.2 that isn’t freely available yet. I’d guess it is very similar to the 3.2rc10 beta/release candidate.

You might try that, but I’d guess that 3DR could hook you up with he corrct firmware.


Might want to read my post. I have a second Iris+ now. In the terminal it is known as 3.2-iris. So it’s custom as the other poster mentioned. Hopefully 3D will email it to you. But I wouldn’t install beta firmware and going down that rabbit hole


Thanks for your responses,
I have another question regarding firmware and calibration.
If I flash the factory firmware and go through the calibration steps in Mission Planner will the copter be setup exactly the same as it came out of the 3drobotics factory?

Nope. As per my thread, the Iris+ firmware is custom, you’ll need to deal with 3drobotics support.