Iris Pixhawk tlogs and flash logs incomplete

I have flown my IRIS 3 full battery cycles plus some yard hovers. In every instance I have noticed that the flash logs always end abruptly before the IRIS had landed even though I did not have low batt volts or having any issues with stabilize or loiter modes.

The end of the log just stops while the thing was still flying. If I replay a tlog in the flight view of MP I see the entire flight but if I view the tlog in the graph I see the abrupt end of the log before the flight is over?

Anyone else seen this ?

This seems to be a known issue. Have a look at this existing discussion:

Yes but does 3DR acknowledge this and are they working on it?

Craig’s response seemed to indicate they are only corrupt over the planner SW, if you copy them via SD card to your PC and analyze, they won’t be corrupt. I haven’t yet had to try this, but perhaps someone can confirm (ideally the OP who is claiming a successful flight and no loss of power yet seemingly corrupt/incomplete/cutoff logs still, which goes against the previous theories of brownouts)…

The reason you see the exact same thing when you replay the tlog is Mission Planner, is that is just a verbatim recording of the stream that was sent.

There does seem to be some log corruption when downloading. If you can post which mechanism and GCS you are downloading dataflash logs using it will help us understand where the potential problem is


Hopefully my last msg answered your question. Not sure what you meant by GCS?

Doesn’t matter which way I download the logs, I never get some kind of message that says the logs are finished downloading. Maybe I should try more tallboys:)


Just tried reading the flash log directly from the SD card.

I was able to see all of the flight until it landed and some other strange stuff disappeared. like total current having a big step down and the back up. Looks like there are USB download issues(at least with me).

BTW - In APM 2 on OSX it was able to load the file from the card but zero data, no parameters, nothing.

In Win MP I was able to load the file and see a complete log file.

Just looking at the timing it appears that the batt failsafe is where the logs are cut off but doesn’t explain other anomalies and data holes (forgot to tell u bout those) I see when downloading via usb.


One other item I forgot to mention. The log file had tomorrow’s date in it’s file name.


The bigs steps are an indication of log corruption.

GCS is Ground Control Station, which is what APM Planner 2.0, Mission Planner, Droidplanner, Andropilot are all representative of.

I need you to be a bit more specific as tlogs don’t work current in the Graph Section in APLM Planner 2.0, BUt you can download dataflash logs. for example



my test today was flash logs only. I didn’t even run the GCS telemetry.

APM can’t properly read the flash logs directly from the SD card but MP can. Does that help?