IRIS Motor manuf and 4in1 ESC amperage for eCalc

I am experimenting with configurations in eCalc and I need to ask a couple of questions about the IRIS to get accurate results…

  1. Who is the manufacturer of the IRIS 2830 motors? (I’ve been using Rctimer 2830-12 in eCalc, but the specs are not exactly the same as the 3dr motor)

  2. Is the IRIS designed to handle a 4s battery? ( I ask, because I get an overpower warnings in eCalc when I use the Rctimer motors and a 3300mah 4s battery ).

  3. What amperage should I use in eCalc for the controller type to represent the IRIS’ 4in1 ESC?


Surely someone must know the amperage question of the 4 in 1 at least! :slight_smile:

Hi Oregonh2o,

Here is the datasheet of the motors: … /A2830.pdf

The Iris is designed to work with 3S battery but can handle 4S

The 4 in 1 uses 4 ESCs circuits built in one board, each ESC circuit is 20A.