Iris+ max WP_NAV speed

I have an Iris and was considering upgrading to Iris+ but was wondering if anyone had information about the max speed (no wind) on the Iris+ due to the smaller propellers.

Personally, I wouldn’t go above 2000 cm/s, and would prefer lower (I don’t go over 1500 cm/s). I just measured the top speed of the Iris+ yesterday, and it was 22.7 meters/second, or 50.9 mph. There may have been a small tailwind, so assume about 45 mph in calm conditions. If you set a WP_NAV speed in that range, your Iris will be running flat-out on missions. It can definitely do it, but just barely. It burns through battery, and it’s probably stressful on the motors to run them at full throttle that much of the time.

Thanks. Looks like the smaller propellers can still move it along… I don’t usually go above 14 m/s because of the impact on the motors and battery.