Iris+ has the shakes

Hey I was hoping someone may be able to read this log and tell me why my iris+ developed the shakes, it had new props and I had just re calibrated everything with mission planner. After landing it decided to start bouncing about 6 inches off the ground a couple of times then flipped itself upside down and destroyed the props. Anyone know how to read the logs and maybe be able to see something wrong ? The shaking has been going on for the past 3 flights, the flipping is a new trick.

Thank You

When you re-calibrated, did you load the Iris+ params?

Yes I did

I experienced a similar thing. I took off iris+ in loiter mode but all through the flight it kept having shakes , was very slow in response and did not respond to land or RTL. I had a really hard time in bringing it down. Even making the throttle as zero did not work.
I disarmed the motors in the air as the last resort after which it came down slowly