Iris FlySky FS-TH9x Transmitter Settings (No Manual?)

I have an Iris and would like to use the provided transmitter with my other Aircraft and Helis. I DL the manual from FlySky but the programming is not the same.

The IRIS Transmitter does not have the System & Settings Menus. I cannot find where you change the Aircraft Type (Heli, Acro and Glider) I can access the model memory but that is it.

How do you BIND a Receiver??

If you have a Transmitter Manual please upload it. No programming information is provided with the IRIS.


The firmware used on the FlySky supplied by 3DR is er9x Open Source RC software.

The manual is here … 0Guide.pdf

More info here

Thanks, That is very helpful.

Do you have a printed list of all the setups for the IRS model? There seems to be 2 as follows:

  1. Heli template
  2. Switch Settings 15, 30, 70 -15, -30, -70
  3. Throttle Low -80 (Not Off)

Thanks. It would be good to have a complete list for setting up other Radios.

I can use the stock parameters for the IRIS transmitter as well. I think I pushed a wrong button & now it wont even arm. Can someone please post 1-11 on their transmitter?

Here we go, (thanks Jay!!)

I assume this is the same for Iris+ TX?