IRIS+ firmware version

First off, I’m a complete newbie here. I got my IRIS+ a few weeks ago and I’m going very carefully to avoid really messing things up. So far, it flies great. From what I can see in the telemetry logs, everything is tuned really well and I have no issues. Been flying in AltHold, Loiter and PosHold. I mapped SuperSimple to the Thr sw but I don’t really like it, so I’m going to try EKF instead since from what I read, it sounds like a good thing to have.

I saw a post stating that the firmware version I’m flying is the original and should be upgraded. After poking around, it appears simple enough, but I’m concerned since I see where others have caused themselves grief by installing the wrong version on the IRIS+.


  • What is the current version of firmware supported on the IRIS+?

  • Is there a procedure that I should follow for the upgrade (backup first, re-tune after, etc.) or is it just a matter of pushing it from MP and go give it a test flight?

  • Is the ArduCopter code embedded in the MP install or do I need to download it from somewhere?

  • Will I have to re-calibrate? (Hoping to avoid that)

Here are the versions I have right now:
Mission Planner 1.3.18 build 1.1.5503.19823
ArduCopter V3.2-Iris (b212c020)

Any help here is greatly appreciated.

Yes, you should upgrade the firmware as you are on 3.2-iris which is now just 3.2.

It is as simple as just plug in the USB cable and from the Initial Setup screen select Install Firmware and click on your copter style.

You will not be able to put the original code back on since it is not a standard firmware option.

The code is automatically downloaded and then installed on the copter. Since you are already on 3.2 you should not need to recalibrate.



Thanks for the reply. I updated the firmware to 3.2 and went ahead and re-calibrated the compass.

Looks like good weather this weekend, so I’m eager to take it out for more flight time.

Thanks again,