Iris+ dropped out of the sky

I recently purchased an Iris+, my first two flights seemed to go very smoothly and I was impressed by the stability and handling of the vehicle. I researched the Iris+ for quite a while before deciding to buy and read many of the posts in this forum (thank you for all of your input and experience!).

Unfortunately, on my third full flight I only managed to fly for about 1.5 minutes before experiencing a very strange failure. I was able to hover for about a minute and then brought it up to about 50 feet. It stayed at altitude for about 10 seconds and then abruptly “twitched” and fell directly down out of the sky crashing into the ground. This broke one of the blue arms and two of the long legs (also cracking a third leg). I connected the device to my computer through mission planner and downloaded the logs for the flight. Although being new to using this software I was able to compare the Baro Alt with the GPS RelAlt and noticed that just before the crash, the GPS RelAlt spiked up by almost 10 meters at the same time the Baro Alt was showing the craft dropping (what actually happened).

I have attached both the flight log and the graph to this post. If anyone could provide insight as to what happened I would be very grateful. I am now nervous to fix and fly the Iris+ again due to this erratic behavior.

I just received word from 3DR. They looked over the data and have determined that it was a failure of the accelerometers. They have offered to process an RMA and have offered to repair the issue. So far my experience with 3DR’s service has been great! Now hopefully I can get a working Iris+ soon so I can get on to flying!!!

i sit here waiting for a while and nothing from 3dr.its been a while.