IRIS Defaults...Which Parameters are changed?

[quote]I have a question:

What exactly does Load IRIS Defaults do at AC3.1 ? Only changes RC Setting (Flight Modes) or does it change sth else ?

Is it recommended to use the IRIS defaults at older PIXHAWK hardware revisions (<2.4 ) as well ?[/quote]

Which Parameters have changed, except for the uncheckable flight mode box popping up ? PID ? What else ?

It loads this file … Iris.param

and it is recommended that all Iris vehicles use this file.

Have you not been participating in the Iris developer forum?

No Gary, I searched the Web for any information, but could not find too much indeep stuff related to IRIS and PIXHAWK. Some hidden infos at google groups…drones discuss, but thats all. Probably Im not the only one, as the hunt hunt hunt statement in the review topic seems to prove.

Thx for the list. What is not obvious, that these parameters (1 month old) work for the current AC3.1 as well as they did for former RC revs. . Is this list getting updated (within MP as well) regulary ?