Iris data connection

Firstly, had the Iris for a week now and its great, excellent flyer. I’ve flown it many times with no real problems. It has never dropped a GPS lock or lost control and I’ve tested it in many locations and in strong winds. Works great with DroidPlanner and has completed every mission perfectly apart from when I tried a 1m high one.

I am having one issue though with the data connection to my Nexus 7. It was fine at first with a strong connection then out of the blue the signal suddenly pretty much died. Its very weak and only good for 2 meters. I thought it was the antenna (after a hard landing) so I brought 2 new 3DR antennas but that hasn’t solved the problem, using DroidPlanner 2 the signal is only 10% 1m away.

Any ideas what it could be? hardware or settings?

Have you broken the radio itself? That would do it.

I inspected both 3DR radios and they certainly look ok but not sure how to troubleshoot? Its had a couple of minor crashes but nothing that I think would damage the hardware, it was fine the first couple of days.

3DR were very good about this and are replacing the radio’s at no charge.