IRIS+ Charger

I am looking to get a new IRIS+ Charger - One that can charge at least 2 batteries at a time, has the potential to be charged via DC and has a storage charge capability. I know there are some claiming that they can charge faster but I have heard that is not good for the battery. What are everyone’s thoughts on that? I am not an RC/drone expert by any stretch, so just looking for some advice.


I charge at 1C even though most lipos will charge faster.

I have the one below. It does 2 batteries at a time at a max charge rate of 8 amps each. Like More, I charge the Iris batteries at 1C which is 5 amps so this charger is plenty. It has a dc input to run the thing off of 12 VDC. It has a storage mode that takes batteries down to a safe storage condition with selectable voltage endpoint… but I believe the discharge rate is only 100 mA so it might take awhile. I haven’t tried that yet. Other difference it it lacks the cycling feature that the Thunder seems to have. It charges all types of batteries… I just used it to top up my pb field box battery.

Edit: I just saw that the D610AC does indeed cycle/refresh nickel batteries. I need to try that for my old NiCd powered receivers and transmitters for my fuel planes that I am bringing out of retirement as soon as the weather breaks. … UTF8&psc=1

Forum wouldn’t let me edit again but the 610AC will discharge at a rate up to 5 amps. 100ma is just the default that you start adjusting from.

Thanks guys! And Raylo thank you for all of the input. I think I am going to give it a try.

It’s made in China but mine is working well so far. It is my first “real” battery charger. I always used the Futaba OEM chargers for my planes and transmitters. While batteries are important for fuel planes I could get my fill of flying w/o ever draining the old NiCd packs, so really getting every mAh out of them didn’t matter. Much more critical with electrics to know how much you put in. Plus I am using the cycle function to try to revive the old NiCd packs for my planes.

With this charger I am probably going to switch the Iris tranmitter over from alkaline to rechargeable “hybrid” high capacity NiMh. Hybrid so they don’t lose a lot of charge over time whilst idle. Same for my DX6i for my BNF training quads.

Another thing… this charger comes with an assortmrent of leads but not the one you need for Iris batteries. You need to get an XT-60 male (male means the electrical pins are male even though the plastic plug housing they are in are female… have a look and you’ll see what I mean) charging lead, or buy the connectors and banana plugs and make one. The one that came with your bird will work but if you want to do both batteries at a time you’ll need another. … duct=70227