Iris Battery Charger?

I just got my 3DR Iris!!! :smiley:

Very happy… BUT, I noticed the battery charger is acting funky.

It says it should be on Li-Po and 3A (it is), and I plugged it into the wall (it flashes GREEN), then the 3S balancer port, and it begins flashing RED alternating 1S and Charge Status LEDs. Back and forth. It should be showing solid 3S shouldn’t it??

I plugged in the actual charge cable after a bit, thinking it was waiting for that. Nope, same thing, it just keeps flashing 1S and Charge Status LEDs back and forth. Like something is wrong with the battery - or the charger…

I do have another (Turnigy brand) 3S capable Li-Po charger here (and some other 2S/3S batteries too). I was thinking of trying the Iris battery with my other charger…

I emailed 3DR (help@ - is that right?) asking what they want me to try. We’ll see what they say. I may just have gotten a bad battery - or charger… :frowning:

Not a good first sign… :unamused:

Ugh, so I hook up the Iris 3S to my Turnigy Li-Po charger (capable of doing 5S/5A), and when I go to balance charge the battery, it tells me it detected only 2S but I have it configured to charge 3S. I cancelled the operation. Clearly something is not right with this battery.

@3RD Support - Can you guys overnight me a new battery please?!

Kevin Fletcher


you need to call customer support up and make a warranty claim, they dont do product returns in these forums… :frowning:


No Battery!

OK will call today now that it’s normal business hours.

What the heck does NAF mean? :slight_smile:

I called 3DR support. I spoke to Natalie. She asked me to make a little video of the charger not charging the battery… sigh So I made one. 30MB and only 10s long. I converted it to mp4 and shrunk it to 15MB. I hope it makes it there (sent via email). Don’t need any reasons further hold this up. I want to try this out and I can’t because the battery is bad!! ugh

To be continued…

DOH!! I just heard back from Nathaly (sorry for the previous mis-spelling!) @ 3DR and she says a) my battery IS bad and I will be sent a new one (YAY!) but also b) they are now officially OUT OF STOCK of Iris batteries so I will wait a while before I get it… (NOOOO!)


Oh well, at least they are sending me one… even if it will be a while… I wonder if this means Iris will be back on backorder soon - they may have enough battery for placed orders, but not for RMAs, who knows… anyways, now I think patience will wear out and so I will probably buy another battery (maybe a 4500 or 5000 that fits) for the time being… (the one I want is on backorder too @ HK though) sigh Life is so unfair!! :smiley: