IoT integration using APSync to allow live viewing


I am Abhinav, a 4th-year computer science student at Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani. Congratulations on getting selected for GSOC 2017. I am looking forward to working with the team and contributing to ArduPilot. I am particularly interested in “Improved IoT integration using APSync to allow live viewing of drone location on web page” and “Improved live video for APSync including video stream discover and publishing”. I have worked on a project where I was developing a GUI for live video streaming and mapping of the copter and have significant experience with IP cameras. Currently, I am going through the codebase and how to contribute. Can you please give me a brief idea about what my next step should be?



Some next steps might include:

  • grabbing one of the APSync images from and flashing them onto a device. Ensuring that the (somewhat limited) current functionality works. RPi is probably best.
  • reading through the short project description I wrote up on camera-support-in-APSync the other day. Note the “work in progress” annotation! I really just needed somewhere to dump my thoughts, and that was the place. Everything is up for grabs!
  • understanding MAVLink - what it is, how it works, how to create messages
  • considering David Buzz’s efforts towards a GUI interface for APSync:
  • considering any other GUI options that might be available
  • @jaxxzer suggested their interface might be transportable at one stage

That’s not an exhaustive list of things you could look at :slight_smile:


If you are going to propose a project related to video stream discovery and publish I suggest you to also take a look at the Camera-Streaming-Daemon (, a daemon that does video discovery, advertisement and streaming for drones. It is not integrated on apsync, but it would be nice if we could integrate that to apsync and work in a single solution for different platforms instead of having multiple implementations of camera streaming for drones.