Intriguing fixed wing config question

At the moment building a fixed wing that i would like it to have the following functions and wanted to know if anyone has ever done something similar, since after our google friend i have not found much.
I would like to have 2 servos that will work rudder and steering. This will be completely seperate servos so i can have completely seperate trim for both of these functions. I have been looking at the steering parameteres and i cant see anything that will allow me to have steering trim that will not be “fighting” my rudder trim in case of auto take off or land.
My second question comes to brakes, since this will be a big plane i have brakes on the 2 main wheels in order to be able to stop in time after touch down. I have found ROVER brakes but nothing on the Plane code to support this. I can always have a pot on the radio to do this, but was wondering if at any given time such a question was asked.
Thank you all in advance for your help.

I have moved this in the plane section, i hope you don’t mind.

Output function 26 is ground steering and 21 is rudder, so they can operate independently.

As for brakes, i don’t think there is any support yet, you can do reverse thrust for stopping. Probably wouldn’t be too big a job to add to the code. As you say you can just use rc pass through for the time being.

Hello @iampete and thank you for the reply.

I will test the function and i hope it will work as i want it with the rudder control input. Since i would simply like to have different movement and trim position.
As for the brakes, so far i am with am at the moment with a trimmer pot from the radio, but i am not big with code (if any) so i cant assist there i’m afraid.