Interpreting Log Graph prior to first flight

Can someone assist me in interpreting my Log Graph please? I have throttled up, but not taken off. I want to review my log to make sure there are no “you’re gonna crash” issues.

I have reviewed the pwm’s registered and there is roughly a 50pwm variation between highest and lowest motor. I checked the throttle, and the % shows only 2%. If my ARM_MIN is set at 9, why does graph say 2%? I want to be able to say with as much certainty as I can that based on weight, I meed x-throttle more to lift off.

Make sense?

No. Without lift-off you will learn very little.

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So all joking aside, telemetry logs aren’t terribly useful without actual flight time? Not trying to be argumentative. Your point makes sense. I don’t wanna get hung up on interpreting less than useful datum.

Telemetry logs are not useful for many things in general. .bin flight logs can be very useful but with the vehicle fixed on the ground there is no sensor feedback so not much can be learned.

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Right…keep confusing telem with bin. Either way, flight time with recorded load and stress is what I really need.

Yes. Follow all the configuration and Initial Tuning Instructions and make a flight. Don’t skip Motor Test with props off to confirm correct motor order and direction. “my drone flipped over on the maiden flight” is a common refrain when this is missed :slight_smile:

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