Internal Error Code 0x1000400 Rover 4.1.5

Hi all,

I recently saw this error on ArduRover V4.1.5 (3ef2b3f4). Latest stable build.

Viewing the code I see in:

This is printed when ardupilot detects an imu reset and a “constraining nan”. @rmackay9 do you have any insight on the constraining nan internal error printout? Or know who would? Any info would be much appreciated.

Also if anyone can point to common causes of the imu reset internal error i’d very much appreciate that information too.

Hello Evan,

Are you experiencing this internal error during vehicle operation?

I always see this constraining nan internal error being triggered after compasses calibration, but have never persisted from reboot so never took care of it. If this error is being triggered after compass calibration for you also, I think it is perfectly fine to operate with it. Maybe some kind of minor bug regarding the sensors calibration.

Figured out it was low Vcc to the autopilot.