Internal Error advice 0x1000000

I randomly get this internal error and IMU reboot, sorry i don’t have the exact code (possibly 0x1000000 :168 imu_reset) but i have seen its been discussed a couple of times, but in relation to Matek FC.
We are running orange Cube(mini carrier), Here 3, Hobbywing 60amp 4in1, and Herelink on a small 7" Quad. Ardu 4.1XX

It makes no difference in flight but if we land it obviously wont Arm again until unplugged and started again.
I have checked the logs and cant find anything that i can see that looks odd, with the exception or ERR:30-1 which seems to go hand in hand with it, but i cant find any info on what this error is.
Any advice would be helpful, or is there a way to mask this so its not seen on the main screen so i can give a demo of a flight without it showing should it decide to pop up?

There also doesn’t seem to be any certain circumstances for it to pop up.

Couldnt post the log as the file is too big. Not sure how else to share it.

Thanks in advance.

Firmware 4.2.0 sorry this was missed off the post

Hi, I faced the exact issue recently. Did you find out how to solve it?
I am using Cube Orange flight controller with copter 4.2.2 firmware.