Internal error 0x100000 |: 146 flow_of_ctr

I got an error message “PreArm : Internal error 0x100000 |: 146 flow_of_ctr”
Is there any way to solve this problem?

thank you

What Flight Controller and version if firmware?

CubeOrange and 4.2.0dev

please report this at:

I think I’ve seen this too recently and it happened when I enabled and disabled the rangefinder in SITL. @1111193 if you have instructions for how you found this I’ll try and reproduce… well, I’ll try and reproduce in any case.

Txs very much for the report.

Hi, I am using copter 4.1.3 with Matek h743-slim. I have no rangefinder or optical flow. This usually happens after disarming copter after flying.