Internal compass and GPS CAN BUS mode

I am refitting one of our SAR hexacopters (based on a T900 frame) with a Cube Black and Here 2 GPS. AUW apx. 7kg.
I have flashed the Cube with the latest fw (V4.0.4) and plan to start the tuning phase in the near future.

Before starting, I wonder if it is advisable now to have the internal compasses enabled or just disable them from the start?
My second question is if it is advisable to set the Here 2 GPS up using CAN BUS or just leave it in regular mode. Can I expect it to be more reliable on CAN BUS. Any other advantages/disadvantages?

Good day, if i can suggest its better disable the internal compass…, and make a good calibration of the external one.
about CAN BUS… i think it’s a good solution for gps and compass, it’s more faster and stable.

Thanks David :slight_smile:

Any of the developers that can comment on what is recommended as of now with the listed hardware and running latest FW?

Regards Ronny

I have changed the GPS settings now to use UAVCAN and it seems to work fine (after updating to the newest FW). I think I will keep all compasses enabled, at least until I have done the “compas_mot” calibration. Then I can evaluate to keep all of them or disable the internal ones. Sounds OK?

You can keep internal compass as backup in case of emergency landing

If you are not receiving compass inconsistent errors no harm in leaving then active. Some craft I only have the external one active, others 3 of them active is not a problem.

I had very little interference doing the Compass_Mot calibration (less than 5 at 75% throttle) so I kept all 3 compasses enabled.
After that I did a full tuning with initial setup, autotune and Notch filter. The hexacopter flew quite well in the end.

What I did have was the “yaw inconsistent” message, if i left it on the ground for to long between flights, without disconnecting the batteries. From my understanding this is not related to the internal compasses (but I might be mistaken).