Intermittently not arming from RC, but arming from QGC


I’ve noticed over last few days of flying, my Matek F405 miniTE (running arducopter 4.3.0) sometimes gets stuck not arming. No error messages, lots of satellites, but I can push yaw stick to the right as long as I want - it doesn’t arm. In any modes (STAB, LOIT, ACRO, POSN).
However if I do the “takeoff” slider on QGC, it’ll arm in GUIDED mode and take off (then I can take over control and fly normally).

Power cycles don’t help.

What could it be ?

Maybe linked to outdated software version. - Recommend updating to latest version.

If it still plays up please post the.bin file here so it can be analysed.


Sounds like you need to do the RC Calibration again.
Some transmitters also have there own internal calibration for sticks, sliders, pots and switches - run that first if it exists. I’ve seen that config dropped and needed to be redone after the transmitter sat a long time.

That’s my active flyer, so no long storage periods. I’ll flush the new version,.see if that helps…

The RC is Flysky i6, and I have 2 very similar models programmed: same FC, same receiver, only difference is one is quad and another is hex. Hex got this problem. I copied model from quad, it fixed it for the remainder of that day, but today the problem came back.

Did you try redoing the RC calibration in MissionPlanner or QGC ?